Welcome to Podalyzer, the all-in-one POD company!

We PROMOTE and FULFILL your unique designs and pay commision whenever an order is placed!

We have limited amount of spots!

We aim to create the best user and customer experience and therefore we have limited the amount of users we can accept.

Write your name on the limited list of people we work with and get on the list while the registration is still open!

Registration closes on 2017-06-29

The Process

The 3 steps process of earning with Podalyzer:

Explore The Market

Use our niche and competition analyzing tools and find the sub-markets that have demand for the product you aim to sell.(Unnecessary for professional designers)

Add to Podalyzer

Create and upload your designs on our platform. Don't worry if you are not a designer, basic word designs with funny sayings or quotes are some of our best-sellers.

Get Paid

Customize your product pricing and earn royalties(commision) on every order that has been placed on any of your products. Receive your payment at the end of the month.

Free product promotion

Your product is automaticaly added to some of the major E-Marketplaces which means loads of visitors to your listings. All you have to do is add your design to our platform and we will find buyers for the product.

  • Amazon
  • E-bay(upcoming)
  • Etsy(upcoming)
  • Walmart Marketplace(upcoming)

Variety of Products

We aim to offer all possible printable products and therefore we will be adding new products constantly. If you need special products you can send us a message and we will try to add it to our platform for you.

  • Apparel(tees, shirts, hoodies...)
  • Home Decor(wall art, pillows...)
  • Drinkware(mugs, bottles...)

User Frendly

Easy to use platform, super affordable prices, loads of products and fast shipping makes us the number one available POD platform. We even went as far as creating a market exploring tool for you to find some niches.

  • Easy to use
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast shipping
  • Multiple products
  • Helpful staff


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